We believe that creative media should be open to all.  

High training costs, non-existent support networks, unpaid internships and precarious entry-level jobs prevent many people from working in the film and TV industry.  

We directly tackle these barriers. Our programmes offer specialist skills training, mentoring and paid placements, to support underrepresented people into successful careers. 

Training courses are now open for Autumn 2022 - Spring 2023.

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Wed 1 January 2020 – Sun 31 December 2023

ZOOM Film School

Apply now! Our ZOOM Film School is a free training scheme for Tower Hamlets residents looking to jump-start a career in film or TV.


Sat 1 January 2022 – Fri 30 September 2022

Introduction to Film and TV

Apply now! An excellent, free introduction to film/TV entry-level jobs, ways into work, CV writing, interview skills and working as a freelancer.


Sat 1 January 2022 – Fri 31 March 2023

Working in Film and TV

Applications open. A free 6 week practical filmmaking course, with opportunities for creative practice. Open to residents of Hackney and Tower Hamlets.


Documentary in Lockdown

Wed 1 April 2020 – Thu 12 November 2020

Seeking a creative outlet during lockdown, this group of 10 filmmakers took part in a peer-led project to create a series of ‘lockumentaries’.

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Making the Cut

Tue 1 October 2019

Professional film and TV production training for disabled people.