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Wed 1 January 2020 – Sun 31 December 2023

ZOOM Film School

Apply now! Our ZOOM Film School is a free training scheme for Tower Hamlets residents looking to jump-start a career in film or TV.


Sat 1 January 2022 – Fri 30 September 2022

Introduction to Film and TV

Apply now! An excellent, free introduction to film/TV entry-level jobs, ways into work, CV writing, interview skills and working as a freelancer.


Sat 1 January 2022 – Fri 31 March 2023

Working in Film and TV

Applications open. A free 6 week practical filmmaking course, with opportunities for creative practice. Open to residents of Hackney and Tower Hamlets.


Sat 1 January 2022 – Sun 31 December 2023

Free training for Film and TV Careers

Applications now open. Our free training schemes for Tower Hamlets and Hackney residents looking to jump-start a career in Film or TV.