Feminism, Photography, and Resistance Discussion Series

A series of online talks exploring the relationship between photography and resistance from a feminist perspective.

Black Women Creating Audio Resistance

Black Women Creating Audio Resistance is a collaboration between Carole Wright and Katie Numi Usher

Exhibition Review: Photo Oxford - Images of Liberation

Imogen Holt, a Year 13 Student at the Henry Box School in Witney, Oxfordshire, reviews the exhibition 'Images of Liberation'.

Roman Road Stories: English for Action

As part of Roman Road Stories, we take a look at the work English for Action are doing through a classroom participatory photography project on the theme of Roman Road.

Brick Lane 1978: Luthfa Begum's Volunteer Story

Luthfa shares the story of her relationship with the Brick Lane 1978 project over the last year and what brought her to it.

Brick Lane 1978: Do you remember?

We are seeking participants to be interviewed for the Brick Lane 1978 project. Were you living in the Brick Lane area during the late 1970s? 

Brick Lane 1978: Window Exhibition

Discover more about the ground-breaking history of Brick Lane 1978 this May, with our window exhibition and online events. 

Brick Lane 1978: The Turning Point

Discover the groundbreaking history inspiring our Brick Lane 1978 project. 

ZOOM Documentary in Lockdown - Part Three

Seeking a creative outlet during lockdown, a group of 10 filmmakers and Zoom Film School alumni took part in a peer-led project to create a series of ‘lockumentaries.'