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Photoforum 28.11.04

Felicity Spencer

“Felicity has made and produces work with her six hole pinhole camera”

Alexander Brattell

“Alex will present his timeless black and white images”

Vicky Smith

“Vicky experiments with alternative processes and organic materials to create abstract images”

Adam Green

“Adam explores the complex relationship between self and society through the family portrait image”

Hesan Yousif

“Hessian is exploring his British/Iraqi cultural identity whilst living in Britain today”

Jane Maxwell

“Jane’s practice focuses on the dynamics of photographic narrative within the mass media environment”

Stav B

“Stav’s work deals with identity, voyeurism, fetish, erotica, and the perverse narrative”

Maxine Beuret

“Maxine explores different cultural environments in the context of time passing and in particular the fading aspects of life and human activity”

Emer O’Brien

“Emer charts fragments of a much wider world in her photographs of fragile enclosures on the edge of the great beyond”