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Photoforum 21.11.03

Sue Andrews

The subject of the work is her daughter and the relationship on display is that between mother and daughter or between photographer and subject.

Michelle Atherton ‘Couple’

The work retells spatial stories by depicting a sequence of car interiors and aims to waylay the usual conceptual fantasy that surrounds the car.

Alison Bickmore ‘Pagham Beach’

Vivid images of the bungalow structures built along the exposed coastline at pagham beach where residents fight hard to maintain this bleak environment.

Jack Chapman and Biggy Stiller ‘Trans Art’

Photographs of everyday rituals evoke questions about the identity of Julie, now on the way to becoming Jack.

Julie Cook ‘Strip Venues’

Empty strip clubs and pubs, environments where voyeurism and fantasy is central. The viewer can engage with what these interiors may represent for them.

Kathryn Faulkner

Pinhole photography requires a different engagement with time and light, more in tune with the original explanation of photography, literally ‘to write with light’.

Faye Heller

Blurring fact and fiction, Heller juxtaposes a precisely chosen selection of instants… leading us to catch a sense that something is about to change.

Heather McDonough ‘Short Stories’

The work explores memory and imagination by investigating the domestic interior and the familiarity we have with objects that surround our everyday lives.

Rod Morris ‘Flight’

Pictures of stairs taken from around the world. The images reflect both the architectural and atmospheric qualities of stairs and explore their allegorical role.

Andy Weir ‘I don’t care anymore’

A series of photographs and digital video stills serving as documentation and reworking of a performance in an abandoned space in SE London.

Mick Williamson?

This work purposefully shuns the key moment, focusing instead on what might be seen as the missed opportunity.