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Photoforum 08.10.09

Nina Manandhar

The refusal (Part 1) 2008 Jo Longhurst

Nina Manandhar is a London based artist whose practise consists of participatory media projects and photographic work. Through her photographic work she creates a celebratory picture of the 'London That Nobody Knows', exploring the hidden social spaces of London youth cultures, and looking at how communities adapt rituals and manipulate styles in hybrid urban cultures.

Annette Habel

Annette Habel’s photographs owe much to the camera's peculiar relationship with time. Her interventions – sitters confronted with impossible tasks, domestic appliances sent flying, human bodies falling - are rooted in a deep sense of curiosity, a desire to see. The recordings she takes of these events are often motivated by the question of what the camera can and cannot reveal. Annette became preoccupied with gravity and height during her time as a circus performer, finding them to be thematically linked to particular aspects of human nature. For her recent work ‘Falling Bodies’ she asked acrobats and ‘ordinary’ people to throw themselves from height and photographed them in the process of falling.

Kalev Erickson

"More Cooning with Cooners" is a reconstructed reality of raccoon hunting in 1960's America, using anonymous Kodachromes.

Jo Longhurst

In her on-going exploration of Perfection, Jo Longhurst takes viewers on an unlikely journey from Whippet breeding to gymnastics. Her art practice features a mixture of lens-based processes including photography, video and stereoscopy, working across both digital and chemical media, and installation.