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Photoforum 24.02.05

Maxine Beuret

As a photographer, I explore different cultural environments in the context of time passing – in particular looking at fading aspects of life and human activity. This is expressed through a focus on design and aesthetics. My intention is to articulate my emotional response to a chosen space.

Richard Mosse

From Ireland doing an MFA in fine art at Goldsmiths. Practice consists of travel to people whose struggle is complicated by politics, history and trauma. I’m drawn to the irrational, the exotic and the unrepresentable.

Helen Marshall

I am an Artist living and working in London. I graduated in 1992 in Photography at Bournemouth & Poole College and took a further degree in 1997 in Fine Art at University of Wales Institute, Cardiff. Despite this my practice has often located itself outside of the gallery or commercial circuit and this has enabled me to define a proactive position within interventional arts practice. Commissions and residencies include Muf Art Architecture, Clod Ensemble, Completely Naked, Rosetta Life and Space Studios. Shows include the Chisenhale Gallery and the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography as a result of winning a Nikon international award. I am currently engaged in a small off-site commission with the Photographers’ Gallery.

Lisa Byrne

Lisa’s work was inspired following a trip to Moscow for her solo show at the Mars gallery in June 2004. Spending several weeks there she began research for a new project and returned in September to complete that project. This body of work is titled, ‘Only beauty will do’ and deals with psychological perspectives with social/political undertones. Break for drinks

Alexe Dilworth

Alexe’s work explores materials, place and more recently childhood mythologies. In her early work she used the microscope as a means of exploration, taking images of what was often overlooked or seen beneath contempt and seeing beauty in this, elevating it to a new stand. At the time the microscopic lens opened up a new world and way of seeing. More recently she has explored childhood memories and mythologies using either personal collected objects or collections from museums, connecting these objects to time, place and history.

Geraldine Swayne

Geraldine took these pictures when she moved out of her old house. They are of the garden and were taken for her friend David who is the gardener. They were for him and to say goodbye.

Jo Broughton

Jo specialises in self representation and representing others in portraiture. She believes that if you can put yourself in the picture, and be truthful about what is important to you, you will be able to ask others to present themselves in such way. She is particularly interested in issues that surround women’s bodies and the idea of beauty.