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On the Verge

On the Verge

16.09.05 - 15.10.05

On the verge: Lisa Byrne, Alison Marchant, Emer O'Brien & Jo Syz. Investigating boundaries, subconscious fears, corporate legacies and the human impact on the environment. All of the artists use Four Corners photographic facilities. On the Verge attracted over 350 vistors.

Four Corners presented on the verge: a photographic exhibition investigating boundaries, fears, corporate legacies and the human impact on the environment. Four Corners is a unique new centre of film and photography for East London, and the artists all use its photographic facilities.

Lisa Byrne lives and works in Tower Hamlets. Her work portrays landscapes that are isolated, alien and potentially sinister.

Alison Marchant is a well-established artist, who lives in Newham, with a..“strong reputation in working with communities…examining histories and identities that have been neglected because of racial and class bias” (Chris Townsend, Hotshoe.) Her work examines ex-workers lives from a derelict mill.

Emer O’Brien is a Hackney based artist. Her photographs are presented as lightboxes, depicting small forgotten buildings, monuments and relics of the past.

Joe Syz’s work reflects his own activism, documenting points where state and public space meet. Using ordnance survey maps, Syz physically hiked through public byways to calculate the feasibility of entering MOD bases.

The differences and contrasts in the artists’ work raises many questions: are we on the verge of something better? Or something even more disastrous?