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Filmforum 23.04.07

Rich Mix Cinema

In Loving Memory (5min)

A video poem, shot by trainees Yvonne Gill, Martina Habulin, Bal Khela and Aysha Begum Miah, in Mile End Cemetery, on the Step Up scheme, March 2006.

The Interview (5 mins)

Things go horribly awry for Alex when he turns up for a job interview. Short and spooky drama, made by David Coker, Towfiqual Haque, Asim Haneef and Brian Romaine. Step Up scheme, March 2006.

Lawson Looks Up (3 mins)

A man trapped by his own mediocrity…Lawson Looks Up was made by trainees on the Step Up scheme in December 2006. Selina Akram, Richard Bradbury, Omaira Farina, Camilla Harvey, Alan Joseph, Malika Mezeli and Everton Wright.

Tune In (15 mins)

An astute and affectionate portrait of the unseen community of ham radio enthusiasts: “the space-age hobby where the world is your friend…” Esther Johnson, 2006.

Duality (5 mins)

Sarah Warman’s poignant documentary about the experience of being a twin. Shot on DV and Super-8mm.

Heat (1 min 10 secs)

Thomas Lazcny’s short film Heat explores vibrant summertime…life after sunset. 2005.

Time Gentlemen Please (10 mins)

A man is trapped by his unwillingness to enjoy change. Even the barman at his local is having a go. One of these days… Short drama by Dez Gray.