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Filmforum 21.02.08

After the Earthquake (Seemab Gul)

This documentary contains the voices of people from four refugee camps fifteen months after the Kashmir Earthquake 2005.

Knife Trends (Shola Amoo)

Knife Trends L.D.N is a short documentary about the knife crisis engulfing London. It sets out to find the answers to why knife attacks appear to be on the rise - and whether or not the government and police are doing enough to solve the problem.

And this is how I wash my hijab (Aysha Begum Miah)

A poignant visual poem, sharing a commonplace activity with the wider world.

ELSI (Magda Florek)

ELSI is an inspiring story of a 15 year old boy from Chechnya, who fights for his rights.

Spare Parts (Federico Forcolini)

By day Dave works as a mechanic in a South London garage, by night he stalks a street worker called Trix. A loner burdened by a heavy secret, only Dave knows what his inevitable encounter with Trix will unleash.

Roy (Line Nikita Blom)

A confessional portrait of an East End boy, whose future was written long ago. This film chronicles Roy’s descent into crime and the struggles he faces when released from prison.

All in History of The Cards (Towfiq Ul Haque)

Rebel leaders battle it out round the poker table.

Walking Drawings

Film Installation, 17mins, DVD Format.

EVEWRIGHT and Renate Moritz

These are two artists who use the landscape to create stunning drawings. In ‘Walking Drawings’ they stationed a cameraman on a 100ft crane on a beach to obtain panoramic aerial views of this performative piece. The volunteer walkers are mostly local participants investigating the idea of public interaction with art. This dialogue blends traditional ideologies with contemporary application and context.

PLUS Surprise showing from Living Cinema