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Circles of Latitude

Circles of Latitude

19.09.08 - 01.11.08

'Unntitled September 2007 - Video Still' - Vron Harris

Presented by Latitude Photographers: Peter Ainsworth, Christian Alegria, Martin Bardell, Manuel Capurso, Ania Dabrowska, Hannah Dakin, Ellie Davies, Caroline Furneaux, Vron Harris, Jochen Klein, Richard Kolker, Issa Randall, Rita Soromenho, Nick Stonehouse, Gillian Vaux, Marta Zagozdzon

An inaugural exhibition of Latitude Photographers, a group of international artists, recent alumni from the London College of Communications’ MA Photography course. Circles of Latitude is concerned with physical and psychological relationships within the contemporary urban environment. The artists use photography to map, record, measure, chart and quantify three facets of the theme: physical geography, freedom from restriction, the latitude to exercise will and, in terms specific to photographic exposure.