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A Year In Development

17th February - 17th March

Anastasia Taylor Lind, Nagorno Karabakh

‘A Year In Development’ – an exhibition celebrating a renaissance of traditional photographic printing

Despite recent claims to the contrary, traditional photographic printing processes continue to thrive.

In February 2012, Labyrinth Photographic Printing celebrated its first anniversary at Four Corners with ‘A Year In Development’, an exhibition showcasing the work of leading photographers including Zed Nelson, Ewen Spencer, Anastasia Taylor-Lind, Tyrone Le bon, Léonie Hampton, Tom Beard, Laura Hynd, Clare Shilland, Kate Peters, Spencer Murphy, Ben Murphy, Ben Stockley, Steve Gullick and Ivor Prickett.

Throughout the year Labyrinth has worked on a diversity of images, from documentary projects covering the Arab Spring in Tahrir Square, Tunisia and Libya, to the birth of a new nation in Southern Sudan, as well as a wealth of album covers, book projects, and fashion and editorial features.?The extent and range of work produced at Labyrinth demonstrates that contemporary photographers choose to invest in film because of their love of its analogue quality.

Founded by John McCarthy, Cosimo d’Aprano and Jeremy Ramsden, Labyrinth Photographic Printing is a traditional film-based darkroom dedicated to the craft of fine printing. Their aim is not only to preserve printing skills but also to develop new and bespoke methods to suit their clients’ creative requirements.?This salon-style show will pay tribute to the varied work of 50 of Labyrinth’s talented clients, displaying a selection of beautifully hand-printed photographs shot solely using film taken during the year.

The exhibition took place in Four Corners' Gallery, and was generously supported by Fuller’s London Pride.