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Gayle Chong Kwan 2014

Will Jennings 2014

Laura Napier 2014

Tessa Power 2014

FATHOM 2014: work by artists in residence

21 November 2014 - 31 January 2015, opening hours 11.00–6.00pm, Monday–Saturday 

The FATHOM residency artists 2014 presented a variety of mainly film based work, to communicate a diversity of ideas with inspired results. Mythology, human behaviour and our connection to the landscape was a recurring theme.

Laura Napier’s inventive short film beautifully satirises the DVD Special features format through a mythical film, resulting in a much more enticing premise than making it for real.  Will Jennings’ work Line also plays with notions of authenticity – to find ley lines on a journey with his father, connecting to the landscape in a kind of scenic Situationism. The resulting video triptych and images on glass allow for multiple interpretations and conclusions to be drawn by the viewer.  Plot - Gayle Chong Kwan’s moving image work binds the pressures on the land of Mauritius with the need for tourism and the habitat it damages. Finding the Hyophorbe Amaricaulis or ‘Loneliest Palm’ - the only one of its kind in the world, she explores simulacra and the sublime.  Mythology is the subject of Tessa Power’s work, exploring the notions of the Trickster through a film in progress.  The exhibition showcases stills from her film of this extraordinary prankster who appears in many cultures.  Anna Sherbany’s Images of Belonging connects us to a more troubled psychological landscape exploring dislocation, using visual metaphors and sound to investigate the residual effects of war and refugees’ experiences.

Laura Noble, Director L A Noble Gallery & FATHOM advisor 2014


Symposium: exploring artists' residencies, exhibition & distribution - took place on Wednesday 26 November 2014  at The Cass.  Further information


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FATHOM is supported by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.  The exhibition is part-funded through the European Regional Development Fund as part of New Creative Markets.

Anna Sherbany 2014