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Lara Saxby - Soria

Lara Saxby- Soria

22.04.10- 30.04.10

Lara Saxby-Soria
Four Corners Gallery

Lara Saxby-Soria's practice embraces a cross-disciplinary approach, which includes photography, sculpture and most predominantly film & video installation. Her installations attempt to engage the medium of film as a physical presence. The work moves away from the notion of the screen as a dormant surface, shifting the emphasis onto the relationship set up between image, projection and screen…  subsequently transforming the gallery space into a formative part of the work.

“Like a ten-minute dream in the passenger seat while the world was spinning by…”

Using string and wax, the sculptural pylons hang. The collision of the rotating projection with the pylons works to animate the sculptures. Their shadows are spun around the room by its searching light with the rhythmic regularity of the rocking of a train or a view from a car window where the pylons loom and then fade.

“As a child I would tell the time by blowing the seeds from dandelion clocks. My own childhood now seems just as frail an apparition. Its intangibility reflected in the clocks, which as a sculptural material are barely present, only just able to hold the light from the projection.”

Tide is a twin 16mm projection, where the stony architecture of cloisters creates a sudden awareness of time and history. This gives way to a sudden sense of vertigo, as the incoming tide sweeps across the floor.

This real but impossible moment is created in the space between the two projectors as the images fuse on a single surface. The archaic set-up works to deconstruct this illusion.